Softball League Details:

  • Number of Games: 8-game guarantee (including playoffs for all teams)
  • DH Leagues: 14-game guarantee + playoffs
  • Time Limit: 55-minutes
  • Game Times: Evening game times vary from 6,7,8,9.  Afternoon games vary from 12,1,2,3,4,5. We will work diligently to meet specific game time requests.
  • Individual Cost: $55 single game leagues; $65 DH leagues (for team prices see table below)
  • Jerseys: Same color shirts only are required. Numbers are recommended but not required.
  • Ages: Ages 18+
  • Style: 10 v. 10; 18 players max (co-ed leagues are 7 males & 3 females)
  • Balls: Teams must provide their own balls for all leagues


Upcoming Softball Leagues

LeagueDayStartsLocationTeam $Individual $
Co-Ed Rec.MondayJun. 15Two Rivers Park$495$55
Women's Rec. DHMondayJun. 15Donelson SportsPlex/Two Rivers$650$65
Men's Rec. DHTuesdayJun. 9Donelson SportsPlex$650$65
Women's Comp. DHTuesdayJun. 9Two Rivers Park$650$65
Co-Ed Rec.WednesdayJun. 10Two Rivers Park$495$55
Men's Open DHWednesdayJun. 10Donelson SportsPlex$650$65
Co-Ed Comp. DHThursdayJun. 11Two Rivers Park$650$65
Co-Ed Rec.ThursdayJun. 11Donelson SportsPlex$495$55
Co-Ed Open DHFridayJun. 12Two Rivers Park$650$65
Co-Ed Comp. DHSundayJun. 14Two Rivers Park$650$65
Co-Ed Int. DHSundayJun. 14Two Rivers Park/Donelson SportsPlex$650$65
Co-Ed Rec. DHSundayJun. 14Donelson Civitan$650$65
Men's Open DHSundayJun. 14Two Rivers Park$650$65
* DH stands for "Double Header" league (two games a night during regular season play). Rec. is our lowest level of competition Int. is our middle level of competition Comp. is our highest level of competition (relative to our leagues) Open is a league that's open to teams of various competitive levels


Current Softball Leagues

Co-Ed Rec.MondayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park
Women's Int DHMondayScheduleStandingsDonelson SportsPlex & McGavock Softball Field
Women's Comp. DHTuesdayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park
Men's Rec DHTuesdayScheduleStandingsDonelson SportsPlex & Madison Park
Co-Ed Rec.WednesdayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park
Men's Open DHWednesdayScheduleStandingsDonelson SportsPlex & Madison Park
Co-Ed Rec.ThursdayScheduleStandingsDonelson SportsPlex
Co-Ed Comp. DHThursdayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park & Madison Park
Co-Ed Open DHFridayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park & Donelson SportsPlex
Co-Ed Comp & Int A DHSundayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park
Co-Ed Int. DHSundayScheduleStandingsDonelson SportsPlex
Co-Ed Rec DHSundayScheduleStandingsDonelson Civitan
Men's DHSundayScheduleStandingsTwo Rivers Park & Donelson SportsPlex


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