Please fill out this waiver in order to be eligible to play in any Mid State Sports league. Please note that this form is good for one calendar year, and therefore only needs to be submitted once a year. Filling out this form will cover a player for any sport and/or league for the duration of that year.

By submitting this waiver, I acknowledge that:

1) Mid State Sports is a dry league. If a player is caught drinking alcohol during the game, he/she will be removed from competition. Furthermore, alcohol is not allowed on ANY premise where MSSL holds its leagues.
2) Players or coaches who engage in fighting or obscene behavior or language will be immediately removed from competition. Also, weapons of any kind are NOT permitted at Mid State Sports functions, regardless of the premises or location of the league.
3) I hereby assume the risk of any and all injury and damage resulting from participation in sports activities and will not hold Mid State Sports Leagues or the facility of play liable under any circumstances.
4) I give my consent to being photographed by Mid State Sports Leagues representatives, and allow for any pictures to be displayed/used by Mid State Sports Leagues, including but not limited to Mid State Sports website, promotional and marketing materials, and social networking (i.e., Facebook)

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